The face of danger is everywhere.

No one knows what they may be capable of at any given moment until they're faced with no way out.

Ho Lee Fuk

beautifully portrays bravery beyond his previous roles. Fearless and vulnerable Ho Lee Fuk molds

his character into a fantastic morphite ballchinian.

A long way from home and no one to turn to

Ho Lee Fuk explores the outer reaches of his soul when 

he collides with another life in the same tailspin.

sisterboomboom as Faca Yu, orphaned from family and humanity is jolted from her chaos into to the arms of

Ho Lee Fuk.

In each other's eyes they instantly see a reason to live.

Their struggle to be forever together takes us on a

journey of not only endearing love but a

complete surrender to one another.

"I hope I go before you my love

because I couldn't live without you."

Ho Lee Fuk



Music that is both sad and wonderful.

If mothers did instinctively comfort their newborns with lullabys

then that would explain the origins of our deep and profound

connection to the world of music. What we hear is

what we feel and no one does it better than


L helps us navigate emotions that carry our deepest

fears and lead us to that new breath of life.

"When an idea comes by it's like being in a room

full of people and you feel like someone's eyes are on you.

You can't help but look to see who it is."

L could easily be considered a faraway

spirit happy to be on their own watching the rain.

So be it, if it brings forth the thoughtful and wise

teachings of an old soul then keep going

after it L.



A career of constant reinvention.

Cecil B. deHookham has brought 

a standard of excellence to the world of creativity

through his focus and originality.

The road less travelled was to easy for him.

Together with Ho Lee Fuk and sissterboomboom

they push the boundaries feeding off one 

another's unique vision and bravado.

Their goal is to surprise and inspire not only each other

but themselves.

This trio succeeded where others not only failed but never

dared to try. Souls thrown through suddenly appearing 

gateways is the sense the audience gets as they feel 

the vibration of the drama which seems to

last forever but not long enough.

Such is the magic and gift of

Cecil B. deHookham.